BrainStorming Mastermind Group

The Joy of Giving Back!

The Brainstorming Mastermind Group



The  Brainstorming Mastermind Group is a group of professionals, business persons and individuals with a passion to succeed who have come together to share their personal experiences, business ideas and professional expertise on initiatives being undertaken by the membership of  the group.

The group will come together and brainstorm to ensure that any project/business undertaken by members is well thought out and supported. 

Members will establish clear goals and adopt a proven system that will catapult them to achieving their full potential, not limiting themselves but relying on a greater power that makes all things possible.

 It has been proven over time that a group of like minded individuals with a desire to succeed when united in their purpose can truly move mountains. The group will learn to trust each other so that they can be united and be strong.


That all human beings can achieve greatness by applying the simple technique of Positive Thinking!




To form groups/chapters of like minded people across the nation of Saint Lucia and around the world to empower individuals with the knowledge of the Power of Positive Thinking and encourage them to apply it in their daily lives.



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